Changes in FYJC Online Admission this year

Change 1To allow the department to track all admissions and check whether admission was merit-based and done according to the rules: Like last year, all admissions — general and quota seats — will be part of the online admission process. Students taking the 1,32,408 seats distributed across in-house, minority, and management quotas, will have to sign up online, but admissions will be done at the college level. The remaining 1,59,682 seats belonging to the open category will be filled online entirely.

“We will be able to track every child and check whether admission was merit-based and done according to the rules,” said BB Chavan, the deputy director of education.

Change 2Number of colleges a student has to apply to – Students will choose only those they are serious about:  Last year, every student had to give a list of 35 preferred colleges. This year, students in the general category can apply to just one college or give her top 10 preferences. This was among the demands of the students, who complained they were often forced to apply to colleges they were not interested in, just to meet the minimum requirement.

Change 3Scrapping of the system of provisional admissions: This means once a student gets her first preference or is given a college he/she is happy with, it will be final and confirmed. They will be unable to cancel the admission later.

Change 4 – Students can only apply for one stream, instead of the earlier two. They will, however, be able to change their choice of stream during the admission process.

Change 5 – Apply to a college anywhere in Mumbai: Choice of junior colleges will not be restricted by zone or wards anymore.

Change 6 Zero round: Will be conducted for online admissions to Higher Secondary Vocational Course (HSVC) and quota seats – religious or linguistic minority, in-house and management. If seats remain, they will be filled on a first-come-first serve basis.