Check FYJC 2nd General Merit List | Second round cut off Mumbai 2020-21

इयत्ता अकरावी केंद्रीय ऑनलाइन प्रवेश प्रक्रिया 2020-21 अंतर्गत नियमित प्रवेश फेरी-2 ची गुणवत्ता/निवड यादी (Allotment) दिनांक 10 सप्टेंबर 2020 रोजी जाहीर केली जाणार होती. तथापि माननीय सर्वोच्च न्यायालय SEBC आरक्षण संदर्भातील आदेशाचे अनुषंगाने यापुढील इयत्ता 11वी प्रवेश प्रक्रियेची सदर कार्यवाही पुढे ढकलण्यात येत आहे. 11वी प्रवेश प्रक्रिये बाबत पुढील कार्यवाहीचे वेळापत्रक शासन आदेश प्राप्त झाल्यानंतर जाहीर करण्यात येईल.

Regular Admission Round — II

04-09-2020 at 10:00 PM

  • Display of vacancy list for Regular Admission round-ll (including Quota seats surrendered by Jr. Colleges)

05-09-2020 at 00:05 AM To 07-09-2020 at 06:00PM

  • 1) Choice filling in Option Form (i.e.Part-2) for Regular Round-ll will start
  • 2) Update Preferences given in Option form (Part-2)
  • 3) New student can also submit their Part-1 & 2 during this period.
  • 4) Form verification & Edit by Guidance centre / secondary schools.
  • 5) Application for Management or Minority Quota can be sent to Jr. Colleges.
  • 6) Part-1, Verification & Part-2 Filling will be closed.


  • Time reserved for DATA PROCESSING To Preparation of Merit list of eligible Candidates.


  • Audit of allocation by divisional CAP committees.

10-09-2020 at 10:00 AMSecond Merit List | Allotment List for Regular Round-Il Cut Off

  • 1) Display of Jr. College Allotment List for Regular Round-Il Admissions.
  • 2) Display of allotted Jr. College for admission in student’s login.
  • 3) Display of allotted students list in concerned college login.
  • 4) Display of cut-off list for Regular Admission Round-2.
  • 5) SMS to students.

10-09-2020 at 11:00 AM to 12-09-2020 at 05:00 PM

  • 1) Students to click (Proceed For Admission) if ok with allotted Jr. College
  • 2) Confirmation of admission in the allotted Jr. College by Student.
  • 3) Admission Confirmation, Rejection & Admission cancellation at Jr. Clg. Login.
  • 4) Quota Admission process also continue. (Management & Minority)
  • 5) Management Quota seats can be Surrendered.
  • 6) Registration & Part-1 filling will start. (New applicants for next round).

Notes: –

  • Students who have been allotted to first preference, it is compulsory to take admission in the allotted Jr. College.
  • If such students failed to take admission or Rejected, they will be blocked for further Regular Rounds and will be considered during Special Round only.
  • If astudent wish to cancel his/her confirmed admission, can request concerned Jr. College for this and get the admission cancelled.
  • Such students who have cancelled their admissions will be restricted for further Regular rounds and will have to wait till Special round.

12-09-2020, (05:00 PM To 08:00 PM)

  • Time for Jr. Colleges to upload status of admitted students on the website.

12-09-2020, 10:00 PM

  • Display of vacancy list for third regular admission round. (including Quota seats surrendered by Jr. colleges)


  • 1. All students who have confirmed their admission in any Jr. College through Centralise Admission round or through any quota admissions. For such students admission process is completed there itself.
  • 2. Centralise Admission Process & Quota Admissions will be conducted simultaneously as per schedule.
  • 3. Time Table for further Admission rounds (Regular-lll & Special Round) will be declared thereafter.

How to Check Second Merit List / 2nd Round Cut off list for Mumbai

FYJC Online Admission Schedule & Admission Process 2020-21

Sr. No.Stages of ProcessDurationResponsibility
1Online RegistrationGgenerate Login ID and set Password.From July 26, 2020 (11:00 am Onwards) Student himself, with the help of his/her parents.)
21) Filling of Online Application Form (Part-1) using your Login ID and Password. Pay, Check & Lock your form. 2) Getting your Form Verified, From the School or chosen Guidance Centre. (Registration will also continue during this)From August 01, 2020Student himself, with the help of his/her parents. (Guidance centre’s help can be availed on a Phone call)
3Online Verification of students’ Application form. (Have a phone call to Students if required) From August 01, 2020 Secondary School/ Guidance Centre
Timetable for Filling of Part-2 (Option Form) and further process will be declared after the declaration of the SSC result.